Sunday, June 4, 2017

Picture Dump

So many good blogs lately so I figure it's my turn.  It's just a picture dump but there's lots of cute grandkids!!!! ( I tried to have some sembalance of order, but alas....)

We thought we were going to have an early and lovely spring after we got to have lunch outside in early March, hahaha Mother Nature is still laughing at us.
Jamie even started painting her pink house cause the weather was so nice.

Trey discovered the powdered donuts while we painted!
Jame finally got to finish in May
And once again Trey found entertainment while we painted!hahaha

 We had a great trip or two to Texas!!!  Dang it though, not many pics!

Burton joined the family in April and he's a keeper!

Though he's not always glad to be here....

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Summer at Grandpa and Grandmas!

Such great hikers!!!

Eliana assured Trey- "I'll rescue you!"


CJ and Eric ran their first 1/2 Marathon.  13.1 miles during their 13 year Anniversary month!

The spectators had a little fun of their own during the race....

A definite role reversal

Jamie finished a 100 mile race!!!

The race ended at the Great Salt Lake

After race fun.

Dad and I had a great hike up to Rock Canyon and then Squaw Peak.  SO FUN!!!!

We were up there!!!!!

Burton is getting chubby!

We took the paddle boat out for a little spin on Memorial Day.  The lake was crowded but we determined the boat is AWESOME!!!!

Last week Dad did a trail run down the trails he's taking his scouts on.  It's so beautiful up in our mountains!!!!

And that's all folks!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Don't get too excited...

...For this is just a lame attempt at a blog.  I am terrible about taking pictures and so I have little to work with for a great blog.  Here's a few pictures to entertain you and at least reward you for checking to see if we're still blogging!  We've been out of town for most of 2017.  January found us in Arizona (no pictures...) and then Florida (again no pictures...) and then Nashville, a couple pictures and then back to Florida in February.  We're happy to report that Grandpa Roy is recovered nicely and is back home manning his recliner in all it's splendor.  So here's a little picture dump for your viewing pleasure.

From Christmas vacation--
Trey fell asleep doing his favorite thing, playing on the computer.

He does two screens at a time, no prob and has darth vadar to help out if needed.

Summer helped the kids do shrinky dinks.

It was so fun!

The big girl cousins got matching jackets that said, "Cousins Rock"

Truman is a hoot!

I took the big girl cousins shopping and they pulled a mannequin!

New Year's Eve--
We celebrated Texas time.

Linde kids were off-track so we tried to go to a museum but it was closed due to cold.

So we headed to the science museum across the street.  It was so fun.

Oh, I guess I did have a picture of Arizona!  We had so much fun with Grandpa and Grandma and Unc Henry and Aunt Marilee.

We came home to this!!

Fun Carter visit!

Ram rockin' the shooting game.

Ya gotta zoom in on this.  It is winter at it's best.  A hawk jumped this poor bird while it sat in our tree eating freeze dried crabapples.  You can see the outline of where they hit the ground and then the "leftovers" after the feast...

We've had SO much snow!  It's been beautiful.

My pictures from Nashville are Eliana and I playing the emotion game....hahahahaha, she's good at it.




Eliana is so cute and so fun to hang with.
Thanks for checking out our blog!