Sunday, January 21, 2018

Carrying on Summer of 2017

So I forgot to put in a pic of one of my all time, life time favorite activities!!!!  TREK!!!  I feared it may be too different because we live in a different place, we were going to a different place and just everything was going to be different.  Ya know, it wasn't different for one reason, the spirit of the Trek is and will always be the same.  The conviction of the pioneers that Jesus in the Christ, their efforts to find a place they could worship and working with all their might, mind and strength to build Zion is the same and that's what makes the Trek so awesome!!!  Even if it is the 6th straight Trek!  I LOVE Trek and what it means, celebrates and does for those who experience the remembrance of it.  We were so grateful to be the parents of 10 trek children!  They were the best!
Our family- not to include the dude with the bucket on the right...
One of the funnest times we had while Summer and Eliana were visiting is when we went up AF canyon (we are so lucky to live 2 MILES from this paradise!) and play in the stream.  It's a perfect place with some shallows for the little cousins and some flowing water for the big cousins and shade for the rest of us!  It was SO FUN!!

We also had a great outing to the canyon where the quarry for the granite for the Salt Lake Temple came from.  It is a spectacular spot too.  If there's water to play in, the kids are HAPPY!

Isn't it amazing how much the kids have aged just since this time less than 6 months ago!!!

And I'll end with some Eliana hanging around pictures.  It was so fun to have her here!!!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Trying to do better...

Even I got tired of looking at my same old blog pop up.  So in an effort to be better- here is a picture dump of some of the summer of 2017.  It was a FUN summer!

We had a super fun trip with Summer and Eliana to St Louis and then on to Aunt Minnie's house.  The sad part of doing a blog is I realize I don't take pictures!!  So here are a few from the arch.

Eliana accomplished all the tasks and was sworn in as a Jr. Ranger!

You can't beat MONROE for celebrating the 24th of July!!!  It's a must do and should be on everyone's bucket list.

I personally hate the hot tub but when I see how much fun all the grandkids are having I'm okay with all the drudgery of keeping it up.

The addition to the MTC is awesome! 

Waiting for the MTC at the Dino museum!
Some fun art time!

For right now that's all I got.  My computer won't read my SD card from my camera and so you'll have to wait till next week!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Picture Dump

So many good blogs lately so I figure it's my turn.  It's just a picture dump but there's lots of cute grandkids!!!! ( I tried to have some sembalance of order, but alas....)

We thought we were going to have an early and lovely spring after we got to have lunch outside in early March, hahaha Mother Nature is still laughing at us.
Jamie even started painting her pink house cause the weather was so nice.

Trey discovered the powdered donuts while we painted!
Jame finally got to finish in May
And once again Trey found entertainment while we painted!hahaha

 We had a great trip or two to Texas!!!  Dang it though, not many pics!

Burton joined the family in April and he's a keeper!

Though he's not always glad to be here....

We had a WONDERFUL visit with Summer at Grandpa and Grandmas!

Such great hikers!!!

Eliana assured Trey- "I'll rescue you!"


CJ and Eric ran their first 1/2 Marathon.  13.1 miles during their 13 year Anniversary month!

The spectators had a little fun of their own during the race....

A definite role reversal

Jamie finished a 100 mile race!!!

The race ended at the Great Salt Lake

After race fun.

Dad and I had a great hike up to Rock Canyon and then Squaw Peak.  SO FUN!!!!

We were up there!!!!!

Burton is getting chubby!

We took the paddle boat out for a little spin on Memorial Day.  The lake was crowded but we determined the boat is AWESOME!!!!

Last week Dad did a trail run down the trails he's taking his scouts on.  It's so beautiful up in our mountains!!!!

And that's all folks!