Sunday, February 12, 2017

Don't get too excited...

...For this is just a lame attempt at a blog.  I am terrible about taking pictures and so I have little to work with for a great blog.  Here's a few pictures to entertain you and at least reward you for checking to see if we're still blogging!  We've been out of town for most of 2017.  January found us in Arizona (no pictures...) and then Florida (again no pictures...) and then Nashville, a couple pictures and then back to Florida in February.  We're happy to report that Grandpa Roy is recovered nicely and is back home manning his recliner in all it's splendor.  So here's a little picture dump for your viewing pleasure.

From Christmas vacation--
Trey fell asleep doing his favorite thing, playing on the computer.

He does two screens at a time, no prob and has darth vadar to help out if needed.

Summer helped the kids do shrinky dinks.

It was so fun!

The big girl cousins got matching jackets that said, "Cousins Rock"

Truman is a hoot!

I took the big girl cousins shopping and they pulled a mannequin!

New Year's Eve--
We celebrated Texas time.

Linde kids were off-track so we tried to go to a museum but it was closed due to cold.

So we headed to the science museum across the street.  It was so fun.

Oh, I guess I did have a picture of Arizona!  We had so much fun with Grandpa and Grandma and Unc Henry and Aunt Marilee.

We came home to this!!

Fun Carter visit!

Ram rockin' the shooting game.

Ya gotta zoom in on this.  It is winter at it's best.  A hawk jumped this poor bird while it sat in our tree eating freeze dried crabapples.  You can see the outline of where they hit the ground and then the "leftovers" after the feast...

We've had SO much snow!  It's been beautiful.

My pictures from Nashville are Eliana and I playing the emotion game....hahahahaha, she's good at it.




Eliana is so cute and so fun to hang with.
Thanks for checking out our blog!

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Dang Instagram

Now that the vast majority of us are on Instagram I have seen a huge decrease in the blogging.  But blogging is such a good record of highlights of life and enjoyed by those who don't have instagram so I'll continue to blog even though with my meager picture taking efforts they're not as good as they used to be...

We'll start with Thanksgiving.
I think this was Ram's first "real" snowman.  He was so proud of it.

The FEAST!  We were so happy to have Grandpa and Grandma here.

A happy player

GrandBill has "teenage girls" feet.  It cracks up the cousins.  "GrandBill, do you sleep with your shoes on?"

Daniel had a great 1st grade Christmas program. His stocking is the one on the end.

Happy Birthday,week,month....year.

Trey has acquired a new invisible pet.  This is Cat, the cat.

Truman is starting to take a few more steps.

Carter kids and GrandBill on the Frogger at the Lehi Fun Center.  Love the face!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Just cruising around!

Even though I got NO comments on my last blog which has been up for a full two weeks.... for the sake of making a record, I'll blog about this life event.

We went on a cruise!  And IT WAS AWESOME!!!  I got a notice of a sweet deal on Tuesday and we left on Saturday, our kind of travel!

Me left out of Miami, cruised for a day and a half to Jamaica, spent the day and then cruised for a day and a half back!  What's the best part??  Everything!!!!

We loved our balcony room, our 14 story ship, the evening shows, the interesting gathering of passengers (from red necks to no necks and everyone in between), working out in the cool gym and doing another workout in the evening by walking 2 2/3 around deck 7 for a mile, and EATING tons of the most delicious and graciously served food ever.  A little bit of paradise!  The weather was perfect, the seas calm (7 ft swells were the worst it got), a quaint 3rd world Jamaican experience and it all got to happen with my best friend!  We will be going again!

Here are some pics:

Cool veggie and fruit bouquet

Miami, ready for the launch

Oh NO! I don't know if I like it on a boat!

The two ships that launched at the same time as us.

Moon rise/Sunset workout

Super moon!

Our ship, The Pearl, in Jamaica

It is one long hall way! They have a fish swimming pattern in the carpet.  Follow the yellow fish forward, follow the red fish aft.

In port waiting to launch.

One of our towel animals.

Back in Miami and then....

....home to cold and our fence blowin' down.  Oh well.

Good deal was Carters came up and I taught CharlyAnn to tie her shoes in one lesson!

Dad got a cool deal on 22s.  A year's supply!  
And the Linde kids are here while Jamie and LaDon are in Guatamala!